About LSS…

Leicester Sound Society is a sonic media project using field-recording, documentary audio, soundscape composition and music production to promote local culture, civic health and sustainability in the city.

The project is currently focused on editing and archiving audio recordings made from October 2016 onwards, and creating a diverse sound map of people and places across Leicester.

Once the archive is sufficiently populated with recordings, the next step is to begin producing new sound works with the audio material.

Through the production of documentary programmes and soundscape compositions, and through sonic media workshops and online collaboration, the aim is to further engage listeners in Leicester’s local cultural scenes and community groups, and promote civic health and the development of a just and sustainable economy across the city.

Ultimately we want to build a strong network of audio recordists, editors and producers who can keep the LSS archive maintained and updated on a regular basis.

Short Term Aims:

  • Continue editing and publishing existing recordings; and adding them to the Leicester sound-map.
  • Begin producing various podcast series representing the different organisations, projects and themes we’ve been documenting.
  • Establish a sustainable funding strategy to allow more work to be completed and move the project forward steadily.

Long Term Vision:

  • Run regular workshops and training sessions for Leicester residents to gain skills and experience in sound recording, interviewing, audio editing, archiving, soundscape composition and music production.
  • Build a wide and sustainable network of sonic citizens to document and represent local cultural activity and promote civic health across the city and beyond.

The LeicesterSoundSociety project and website is produced and managed by Barnaby Spigel, whose other work may be found here spigelsound.com